St HOPE Leadership Academy Charter School (SHLA) is a public charter middle school in New York City. The school opened in the fall of 2008, and it currently serves scholars in grades 6, 7, and 8. SHLA provides a rigorous standards-based college preparatory (and high school preparatory) curriculum; intensive interventions for scholars who are performing below grade level; a defined character development program; and extensive leadership development and community service opportunities in an ordered, structured, and disciplined learning environment. SHLA features an extended school day and school year.

Core Values

At St HOPE Leadership Academy, we believe character (the ability to work hard, focus, and do the right thing) is a precursor to academic achievement. Furthermore, we believe a person of strong character seeks to embody his or her core values in everything he or she does. At St. HOPE Leadership Academy, every member of the school community (administration, faculty, scholars, and parents) strives to realize the core values of H.A.R.L.E.M.:

HONOR. At St HOPE Leadership Academy, we honor each other, our school, our families, our community, and ourselves.  We model this by treating ourselves and others with respect and courtesy.  From maintaining a neat and tidy appearance to recognizing and honoring the outstanding deeds of others, we seek to be true to ourselves and act with integrity even in trying situations.

ABSOLUTE DETERMINATION. Despite life’s challenges, we are determined to persevere through the most difficult circumstances. We work to realize our potential by setting goals for ourselves to which we are held accountable.  This commitment means we are neither too proud to ask for help nor too busy to offer it. Together we work toward individual and collective goals, and we are not deterred by obstacles.  At St HOPE Leadership Academy, we believe in each other and encourage each other to reach ever higher.   

RESPONSIBILITY. Working for positive change in both our environment and ourselves every single day is central to life at St. HOPE Leadership Academy.  We take responsibility for our learning, for our actions, and for ensuring that our classrooms are places that support everyone’s learning and success. At St HOPE Leadership Academy, we also assign ourselves the responsibility of helping others.  

LEADERSHIP. Sustainable leadership is a resource that must continue to be developed. Therefore, this goal is at the core of our mission. We believe that one is never too young or too old to become a civic leader and an agent of change through community involvement and service. At St HOPE Leadership Academy, we know we have the power to transform and improve our communities for the better and have the obligation to do so.  

EXCELLENCE. At St HOPE Leadership Academy, we are dedicated to achieving excellence in both our personal and school lives. Our goal as a community is to make excellence a habit. In thought, word and deed, we continue to challenge ourselves to move ever forward.​​​​​​​

MISSION. At St HOPE Leadership Academy, we are committed to educating self-motivated, productive, and critically thinking leaders who are prepared to succeed in a college preparatory high school, committed to serving others, and passionate about lifelong learning. As such, we regularly reflect on our behavior, attitudes, work habits, and performance to track our progress and keep them aligned with our mission.

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