Academic Support

Special Education
St. HOPE Leadership Academy provides a continuum of special educations services for scholars with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). These services consist of Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS), Integrated Collaborative Teaching (CTT), and related services.

Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS)
SETSS provides resource support to scholars and consultative support to their classroom teachers. Scholars receive individual and/or small group interventions inside and outside of their classroom to ensure proper access to SHLA’s general curriculum. Learning specialist also assist teachers in modifying the curriculum for scholars with special needs.

Integrated Collaborative Teaching (ICT)
ICT is an approach in which two teachers, one learning specialist and one content specialist, work together to teach all students in an inclusive classroom environment. Scholars in this program benefit from individual and small group instruction with remediation integrated throughout the day in all content areas.

Related Services
SHLA provides related services that have been recommended by the IEP Team as additional support the child needs in order to be able to benefit from his/her special program. Related services include counseling, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Services are provided in small group and individual sessions.

The Learning Center
The Learning Center is a location where targeted scholars work individually or in cooperative group to develop reading and math skills.  The Learning Center is also open to all scholars at various time during the day to browse books for pleasure or research, and study quietly.