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Is your child already considering college and career opportunities? Those may seem a long way off — after all, your child hasn’t even finished middle school or high school! But as middle school experts, we know that each stage of your child’s education can offer lifelong benefits. Your child’s middle school experience is going to impact the opportunities they have later on.  

Over the next three years, your child can think about what’s possible for their future as they grow in awareness of other cultures and what happens in the world. Finding a learning environment that is wholesome, nurturing, and well-balanced is not only the key for setting them up for success in middle school — but for high school, college, and beyond. 

After you’ve had a chance to read about the ways we help middle schoolers build success, call us. We’d love to discuss your child’s interests and where they can find success at St HOPE Leadership Academy.

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A Roadmap to High School and College

It’s no surprise that many of our graduates go on to attend competitive college-preparatory high schools in the area, where they perform well in demanding honors and AP courses. Everything we do at St HOPE is designed to help your child thrive. Our alumni are confident, responsible individuals who are ready to do well in high school as they continue to build opportunities for college.

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Advisory Program

Our Advisory Program provides a space where scholars can focus on both academic and behavioral goals. Scholars start each day in their Advisory small group with 11 other peers. Adapting tools and sessions from Character Strong, advisors facilitate conversations around topics such as emotions, gratitude, mindfulness, decision making, and relationships. Advisors stay with their small group from 6th to 8th grade. As scholars navigate the challenges and rewards of middle school, Advisory helps them to build trust and a community that keeps them connected to St HOPE years after they graduate.

Personalized Learning

We want each scholar to feel confident as they achieve a level of success in core subjects and skill areas. Our qualified teachers offer differentiated instruction so that your child will receive the challenge and support they need to excel. All of our scholars have the opportunity to earn Regents Credits, which gives them a head start for high school.

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College Tours

Each year, scholars go on trips to visit major colleges and universities. Our sixth graders visit a higher education institution in the five boroughs while our seventh and eighth graders visit colleges in the tri-state area. Previous campus tours have included SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Oneonta, CUNY School of Law, Princeton, and Columbia University. In addition, our National Junior Honor Society (NHJS) and Student Government (SGA) scholars go on trips to visit other major colleges and universities in destinations across the United States, like New Orleans, Boston, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Scholarship Opportunities

We love to celebrate our scholars’ achievements. That’s why we offer four $10K scholarships each year to alumni attending college, as well as a Journey Scholarship of $5k to rising juniors to honor their hard work.

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Group of students posing with smiles with a waterfront in the background.

Alumni Support

A partnership with St HOPE doesn’t stop when your child graduates from 8th grade. Our Alumni Relations Manager will help your child find funding opportunities and scholarships for higher education. For those who don’t plan to attend college, St HOPE can still be part of their career path and help them walk through important life decisions.

The combination of freedom and accountability for success allows charter schools to try new approaches, respond to community needs, and put student learning first.

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Supporting their dreams and aspirations

Although we often underscore the importance of hard work and setting goals, we also love to see our scholars enjoy learning. Middle school can be a stressful time as your child learns to navigate conflict, form healthy relationships, and understand the long-term impact their actions will have on future opportunities. 

We work to build a culture built on respect, where scholars learn to lead with empathy. We do this by:  

  • Modeling with intentionality. Our scholars display kindness and leadership in action when they serve through community service projects. 
  • Fostering wise choices. We empower our scholars to do the right thing and create opportunities to make smart decisions. 
  • Creating safe spaces to fail. School culture impacts whether your child will feel safe to try new things, fall down, get back up, and try again. Our scholars encourage one another in their individual pursuits.

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