As a parent, you know your child is capable of accomplishing great things. But do they know that yet? 

Middle school can be an exciting season where your child learns more about who they are, their interests and skills, and how to self-advocate. Over the next three years, they are going to continue to dial in their moral compass, discover new strengths, learn to fail, and pursue their goals. Witnessing your child put values into action will not only encourage you as you see them grow in middle school — it will support your hopes for their future, and all the possibilities that lie ahead. 

At St HOPE Leadership Academy, we are uniquely positioned to prepare your child to be future-ready so they are confident in their abilities and plans when it’s time for high school, college, and career. We do this by:

Developing strengths and identifying gaps. 

We focus on collaborative, real-world learning and critical thinking skills delivered through differentiated instruction. Our qualified teachers will identify where your child is, where they need help, and where they are positioned to excel. 

Seeing children as being more than a test score.

Our education philosophy is reflected in our grading system, which is not a conventional 0-100 scale. At St HOPE, we use a standards-based grading system, which helps scholars achieve a level of understanding rather than just a numeric grade. Your child will investigate how they learn best and set up goals around how to grow from where they are. Our teachers and counselors will help them learn how to better communicate with their peers and other members of the larger community in a way that is authentic to who they are.

Creating emphasis on college readiness.

We don’t delay college-prep, but help our scholars think about their college and career interests, starting in 6th grade. Your child will have opportunities throughout their time at St HOPE to visit various colleges in and outside the city. Scholars’ academic goals will be supported by teachers, counselors, and advisors.

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Academic Authenticity

Real-world learning, growth mindset, and increased literacy define our academic program at St HOPE. Here, your child will not only be prepared for high school — they can also get a head start by earning Regents Credits. Motivated alumni have graduated from high school early after earning credits at St HOPE.

Enriched Learning

St HOPE scholars have the unique advantage of attending a school that is not too big and not too small. Your child will not be lost in the crowd. Instead, they’re going to have opportunities to get involved and explore interests in athletics, digital arts, performance, and fine arts.

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Leadership Opportunities

“Leadership” is an important part of the St HOPE experience — that’s why it’s in our name. Scholars are encouraged to serve on the student council and be part of our Rising Leaders program. Volunteer and community service projects create space for building leadership skills and modeling kindness to others.

Family Partnerships

We believe that in order for scholars to know where they are going, they need to honor where they’re from. We work to build a strong connection between each scholar’s home and school, so you have access to the people with whom you need to communicate. Some families find our multilingual support invaluable.

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Building a culture that honors scholars’ identities

Middle school can be a challenging season as pre-teens learn how to navigate conflict and build authentic relationships. Their peers will have more influence on their decisions and actions than ever before. As a parent, you want your child surrounded by individuals who encourage and support their academic and social emotional growth. 

We create safe spaces where teachers model intentionality and scholars are taught to honor and respect themselves and others as they practice positive physical, emotional, and mental health. Our invested staff, along with five guidance counselors, monitor how scholars are feeling each day and are equipped with the resources and tools they need to provide additional support.

The 2020 school year was challenging, but St HOPE went above and beyond to ensure my scholar had everything she needed to excel past any difficulties—not only academically but with her self-confidence to achieve beyond what we thought could be possible.

St HOPE Parent

A safe place to learn and grow

We know that when middle school students feel safe and comfortable in their environment, they can focus on learning and get excited about school. In fact, in our annual survey 99% of scholars say they feel safe at St HOPE, and we’re proud of that. We also place an importance on training and drills, so that if there is an emergency, our people know what to do. Beyond this, each student has a designated advisor and participates in a daily community-building circles.

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