Congratulations, accepted scholars!

We know that your middle schooler is a unique person with the potential to do great things for their community and world. That’s why we’re excited to welcome them to St HOPE as an accepted scholar.

What’s the difference between a student and a scholar? 

At St HOPE, we’re shaping today’s middle schoolers into tomorrow’s leaders — individuals who are capable, compassionate, and ready to take on any challenge. We take that role very seriously, which is why we make the distinction between student and scholar

As a St HOPE scholar, your child will be:

  • Committed to lifelong learning. Whereas “student” suggests something finite — something that ends after high school or college — the term “scholar” is reflective of a journey of knowledge that is unending. 
  • Proud of their pursuits. There is prestige in pursuing education, and we want your child to celebrate their achievements. We help our scholars work through challenges and redefine what personal success looks like.  
  • Confident in their identity. Whether your child is a budding activist, mathematician, athlete, or linguist, we foster a school culture that respects and honors individual talents and interests. We celebrate our scholars’ multiple identities.

Is your middle schooler ready to become a St HOPE scholar?

Joining the St HOPE community

When you register your child at St HOPE, you’re joining a learning community that will shape your child’s future and benefit your entire family. What will that look like over the next few years?

Female student posing with a smile.

Academic Growth

We place a distinct emphasis on high school and college readiness. Our student-centered approach to education means your child will be seen as more than a test score. We’ll work with your child to develop their strengths and identify and address their opportunities for growth, all while celebrating their identity.

Personal Interests

Your child will connect with peers who share similar interests through our clubs and activities. These include debate club, fishing club, volunteer opportunities, math club, robotics club, and more. 

Student posing in large frame with hashtag leadchi
Group of students posing with smiles with a waterfront in the background.

Family Engagement

Our open-door policy means you will have access to the information you need, when you need it. Multilingual support is available for our St HOPE families.

Scholarship Opportunities

As an alumni in high school, your child will be supported in their search for funding opportunities and scholarships for higher education. For those who don’t plan on going to college, St HOPE can still be part of their career path, as we help them work through important life decisions.

Student posing in large frame with hashtag leadchi
Group of students posing with smiles with a waterfront in the background.

Alumni Network

Our alumni come back to see us long after they’ve finished 8th grade. That’s because we build intentional relationships with our scholars. As we say, Once St HOPE, always St HOPE.

The iPad preview for the St. HOPE Parent Info Packet

Download our Parent Info Packet to learn more about what distinguishes St HOPE from other NYC charter schools.

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I am proof that anything is possible

St HOPE never gave up on me and kept giving me another chance.”

St HOPE Alumnus

Give your middle schooler the chance to thrive.

For help with the enrollment process, contact Yamel Gonzalez.