How To Know if Your Middle School Experience Is Going Well

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In middle school, your child’s grades start to matter more as they get closer to high school and set goals for college. But what does their report card really tell you about their middle school experience? Are things going well? Are they thriving?

You want your middle schooler’s experience to be great. If you’re unsure how things are going, below are some indicators of success.

Signs That Your Middle School Experience Is Going Well

Your child is getting the support they need 

Every child is different, and a school that acknowledges your middle schooler’s individuality will offer the right kind of support. As you evaluate your child’s first quarter, consider the level of academic and individual support they are receiving. 

Do they have access to one-on-one support when they are struggling in a class? Are they comfortable asking for help when they are stuck on a project or need feedback? If your child is engaging in ongoing learning support programs, you should be receiving communication from the school regarding your child’s goals, challenges, and progress.

At St HOPE, our Integrated Collaborative Teaching (ICT) program naturally lends itself to differentiated instruction from a team of teachers and specialists. Outside the classroom, we offer a range of support, including Special Education, counseling, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. Our scholars take advantage of The Learning Center for additional skill development. Families of scholars who receive support services will have regular feedback to stay informed about their child’s progress.

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Your child feels secure in the school’s learning environment

When your child feels safe at school, they’re more open to learning. They’re better engaged in class, and don’t have to worry about peer pressure, bullying, or navigating an unhealthy school culture. It also provides you peace of mind, knowing that your child is nurtured, valued, and cared for in their learning environment.

As you evaluate your child’s current school environment, consider these questions: Does your child feel secure in school and is focused on their academic progress? Do you hear concerns from them about emotional and physical safety?

At St HOPE, we emphasize safety by putting measures in place such as locked doors, visitor check-ins, and a strong relationship with police officers in our community. We also take emotional safety very seriously, as seen throughout H.A.R.L.E.M values and Code of Conduct for students. St HOPE expects everyone to display integrity, respect for others, and unity among our scholars.

Your child shows enthusiasm and motivation for school

Beyond grades or test scores, your child’s middle school experience is reflected by their attitude towards school. Are they looking forward to learning? Have they established connections with their teachers and classmates? Do they actively participate in the school community? A positive attitude about school shows a sign that they’re adjusting well.

St HOPE fosters an environment that keeps scholars engaged and motivated to learn. From our diverse clubs, such as Debate, Math, and Student Government, many opportunities await them to discover their true potential. Each day, our scholars participate in an advocacy group with their peers to discuss topics on thankfulness, emotions, priorities, decision-making, and relationships. Every scholar receives support and is free to share encouragement with others, keeping them connected in the school community.

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Like you, we want middle schoolers to grow and succeed in this special season. As they balance responsibilities, overcome challenges, and navigate every area of life, we’d like to know how we can support your child. 

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Questions? Please reach out to Ms. Yamel Gonzalez, our Director of Student Recruitment and Enrollment.

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