Application Deadline and Lottery Information for St HOPE Leadership Academy
2021 – 2022 Academic Year

Application Deadline and Lottery Date
• Application Deadline: Friday APRIL 2, 2021
• Lottery Date: Wednesday APRIL 7, 2021

Lottery Process
St HOPE’s lottery is conducted electronically through and is facilitated by our Director of Operations and our Technology Manager.

Lottery Priorities (In order listed):
1. Siblings
 Applicants with an attending sibling are given the “Sibling Attending” preference and have the highest weight in the lottery
2. In District
 Applicants residing within District 5 are given the “In District” preference and have the second-highest weight in the lottery.
3. No Priority
 Applicants without a sibling attending and applicants that live in a district outside of District 5 are not given a priority in the lottery.

Lottery Procedure:
1. As applications are received they are assigned an application number in SchoolMint. This information includes any priorities so the applicants can be sorted and weighted.
2. Lottery is automated by SchoolMint per grade
3. Based on the number of open spots in each grade, applicants are Accepted or Waitlisted
4. Waitlisted applicants are given a waitlist number in order of priority and lottery number.

Lottery winners are notified via SchoolMint text and to the email provided. The next step is a phone call to families we haven’t heard back from. Registration then takes place on the SchoolMint website. SchoolMint generates email and text messages to all applicants on the waitlist letting them know their waitlist number. At the conclusion of first-round registration, all seats that remain unfilled are offered to waitlist applicants in the order originally created during the lottery. The process is repeated until all seats are filled.